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2016 race season ended on a high note with Louie winning the AmSnow Super Sled Shootout.

2013 ended with Louie winning the High Points Championship for Division 3 and the NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals event at Brainerd Minnesota. While at the Nationals in Brainerd the snowmobiles sometimes will get some spotlight on ESPN2 and I am going to attach the recorded video of the final between Ron Bray and Louie.  Way to go Louie………..

IMG_1602 Double click on the red IMG_1602 to watch the final from the 2013 NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals 🙂

Our 2013 racing season has proved to be a successful one so far.  We won a Wally in Cordova, IL, Joliet IL and took 2nd in Columbus, OH.  Hopefully more wins to come in 2013…….

IMG_5610 Click on IMG 5610 video to see 2012 NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals snowmobile final that was televised on ESPN2 between Louie Wirbel and Todd Serra in Brainerd, MN.            Win,  loose or draw we love racing.  🙂

Louie Wirbel Racing is off to and exciting 2012, the above photo is Louie testing the latest back up braking system for his prostock snowmobile.  Thank you Stroud for doing the research and developing a parachute for snowmobiles on asphalt.  150 plus mph on a snowmobile safety is important.   This photo was taken at our first race in Indianapolis.  Congratulations to Edwin Wirbel for winning Indy 2012. 🙂

Louie Wirbel Racing had a great time in 2011 and are looking forward to 2012.  The above photo is from the Brainerd Minnesota 2011 NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals.  Louie is on the black and yellow ski doo and his opponent is Roy Bray also on a ski doo.
The Link above IMG 0070 is a small video of the final round against Ron Bray at the 2011 NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals.  Click on it…………………kinda fun.

2011 Night of Thunder, Columbus OH

Thank you Pete, Alyssa and David for all of your help and support.  Fun Times and Great Friends!!!!!

Cheryl, Louie, Nichole and Edwin Wirbel.  Congratulations EDWIN…………….Winner of the 2011 AmSnow Shootout in Martin, MI.
Click on the “You Tube” video above.  Louie is in the left lane and lost on a hole shot…………………that’s racing and we love it.  Had a great time at the 2010 Am Snow Shootout in Martin Michigan.  Can’t wait till next year!!!!!!!!