We just completed our 2011 Home Shows and want to take time to thank everyone who stopped by our booth to inquire about seamless rain gutters.  Many of the questions that came my way in Saint Ignace and Louie’s way at the Cheboygan show was regarding how our gutters will hold up on a metal roof in Northern Michigan.  Well our answer is always the same, “our hooded gutter system comes with a lifetime guarantee (in writing) never to clog or come loose from your home and that snow and ice will not pull it down.”  The main purpose of our hooded gutter is to keep the leaves and trash out so they do not clog but as we have explained to many we have installed this product on homes that do not have trees around the home but have metal roofs and need the strength so when the snow and ice let go on the roof it does not bring the gutter down.  Now on that note,  if you have an ice damn problem and do not have gutters you will most likely still have that ice problem with gutters.  Mother nature in our great Northern Michigan is most likely the cause but heat loss through your roof or improper ventilation can also play a factor.  As a last resort we can install  heat to the gutter or on the roof to eliminate damage to your home that ice build up can cause.  I have posted a couple of pictures of our heated gutters that were put on a home in the Oscoda area several years ago and are pleased to report that we spoke with this homeowner at the Oscoda show this year and she is happy with her heated/hooded/seamless gutters.  :~)  Have a great day and think spring!!  Cheryl